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Miscellaneous Stuff

Head and Shoulders Shampoo

Once upon a time - I suffered from dandruff - no more. Once I found Head and Shoulders, my ‘problem’ disappeared. I discovered that the active ingredient is Zinc Pyrithione. Now, I must admit, I tend to use Tesco’s Cleansing Anti-dandruff Shampoo, which also contains ZP and is almost as good as H&S. Whichever, I would always recommend Head and Shoulders as a great shampoo.

Aciclovir - Cold Sore Cream

I am one of the unfortunates who suffers from Cold Sores. However, finding Aciclovir some years ago (originally marketed under the brand name Zovirax) has virtually eliminated the problem for me. So if you suffer and haven’t tried it - go quickly to the pharmacy and buy. There are generics now available, substantially cheaper than Zovirax, but just as effective; in Sale, Manchester, Quality Save are selling a generic from Galpharm for 1.49 for a 2g tube. For more information click here.

Calypso - Once a Day Sun Lotion

Since coming across P20 many years ago, I have always chosen to use ‘once a day’ sun lotions, they are not greasy and really to last the day.  Key problems with P20 were  that it could stain (yellow) your clothes and it was not cheap.  Since finding Calypso, made in Manchester and available (March 2018) from Quality Save for less than 5, this is my go to sun lotion - with no staining.  If you haven’t tried it yet, do now, and enjoy the experience