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Eleanor, Frances, Ross and Josephine

Josephine, starring on her own

An update from Ross - 2 March 2007

“Here are some Pictures of Josephine and the family. She's a little cutey and what a head of hair - pretty trendy too - thinking about getting mine spiked like that too!

Will also send on a couple of other pictures of Eleanor. I've included one in the attached, which I think is a good one of her. Treatment has gone well for her so far and outside the treatment, she very much like any other normal 2 year old. We're now going through an intense phase with Radio Therapy - just got through the first week of a 5 week course.

I have to say we couldn't do this without the great support we're getting from all the family - like Aunty Loooou and 'Beadie' and the thoughts, prayers and good wishes from all. “