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Coyle Family Photo

In 2005, I think, Aunt Peggy gave me a copy of a photo taken at the cottage in Ireland where her family used to holiday in the summer.  I have now (14 Nov 2006) got round to scanning it in, so here it is for your delight.  I do have a more detailed scan if anyone wants a copy, eMail me and I will send them one (or put it up for download on this site).


I believe the back row is: Uncle John, Grandad Coyle, Uncle James, Uncle Davy, and Aunt Molly.
The front row is: Agnes, Grandma, Cathie and Peggy.

By the way, when I was in Canada this summer, Kathleen Smith gave me a CD copy of a conversation taped by Maureen Fox of Aunt Peggy and Aunt Cathie talking about Grandma’s life whilst she was still with us.  I have distributed a number of enhanced copies of the CD.  If you haven’t already heard the ‘tapes’ or want a copy, just let me know.