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Clearalex Windscreen Cleaner

Sadly, Clearalex powder sachets are no longer manufactured - but I bought a stock before the ceased, so still use this - as yet, I have not found an alternative replacement.

Never seems to get a mention, but imho the best car windscreen cleaner on the market. URL click here. I use an old five litre container, add two sachets of Clearalex, 250 to 500mL of Methylated Spirits and fill with water - total cost around 2 for 5L - but best of all, a clear screen.

Windscreen Wiper Blades

In 2006 Auto Express did a review of wiper blades and their recommended wiper blades were made by Trupart.  To get replacements for your car, I recommend using The replacement blades are available at a good price, and delivered in a couple of days to your door.  Remember to select the Trupart blades for excellent performance and value for money.

Body Care Products

For showroom quality finish on your car, I recommend Auto Glym products.  In particular, I use the Super Resin Polish, followed by the Extra Gloss Protection to give the car a wonderful protective shine.  For more information have a look at

Updated October 2017